Is having a Garage Gym worth it



We’ve been working out in our current garage gym since January 2015. Before that all I had were some running shoes, bowflex adjustable dumbbells, and a pull-up/dip station. I was able to get in some great workouts with that minimal amount of equipment, but I had a desire to lift heavy and give some crossfit style workouts a try. I’ve been steadily building the gym piece by piece. I love having a gym in the garage, but there are a few setbacks and since we’re all about being healthy with a busy schedule I figured this was a good topic to cover.


FullSizeRender-3Save Time – Having a garage gym can save you time in multiple ways. You don’t have to drive to the gym or wait your turn to use the equipment. You could also change your workout schedule based on the amount of time you can save by working out at home.

No monthly membership – There is no monthly membership cost to workout at home. Gym membership prices can run from $10 to a few hundred depending on what they offer. Having a gym at home isn’t completely free, but there is no reoccurring monthly charge just to workout.


FullSizeRender-4Never wait for equipment – You never have to wait for someone you don’t know to finish their set… Or text. I see people sitting on a bench texting more than lifting all to often. We do have gym partners in our garage, but we all know it’s time to work when you walk in.
Open 24 hours – You can get in a quick workout in a time crunch or workout into the wee hours of the night (which is often what we do). It’s never closed and it’s never busy.

IMG_4065Workout partner (family, friends, and neighbors) – Our current gym crew is made up of family and neighbors. When it’s your gym you get to pick your training partners. My kids often join us for workouts or at least play on the gymnastics rings while we lift. My wife likes the fact that she can workout alone without being judged and the absence of gym trolls.

Workout outside – As long as the weather permits you can soak up some vitamin D or lift under the stars while training. I really enjoy getting some fresh air during a good lifting session. Even when we stay in the garage we like to keep the doors open for a little breeze.

Good deals online or garage sales – Most of our equipment is from Rogue Fitness, but not all of it was purchased directly from them. I keep my eyes open to online classifieds and garage sales. You can often find some really good deals or even just save on the cost of shipping.

Music of your choice – No headphones required (unless you like that). You can listen to whatever music you like (except Nickelback). Sometimes we’ll watch some sports or refresh with a movement demo video to make sure we’re using proper form.


Weather – We live in Southern Utah and it’s often still close to 100 degrees when we workout after the sun goes down. Our summers are really hot and although we rarely get snow it does get pretty cold in the winter.

Easily disturbed (kids, wife, dog neighbors) – Working out at home means the kids can and will interrupt whenever they need something. Or the wife can show up with a random chore or topic to discuss that cannot wait. I’ve also had neighbors stop by to chat from time to time.

Street Parking – Say goodbye to covered parking for at least one vehicle. We have a three car garage and with one bay dedicated to the gym and another for bikes and kids toys we’re only able to park one car inside the garage.

Commercial gyms have more equipment – You’ll only be able to use what you buy. A commercial gym pass will get you access to everything they have. Although you don’t need a lot of equipment to get a good workout it still something to consider when starting a garage gym.

You are the cleaning crew – There is no night cleaning crew or anyone to perform maintenance on your equipment. We usually take a Saturday morning or night and clean the gym including taking apart the rower and oiling the bars.

Upfront cost of equipment – There’s a lot to think about when adding up the cost of a garage gym. Besides equipment you may need flooring, chalk, towels, fans, heater etc. You’ll definitely be spending more than one month of a commercial gym membership. If you don’t have a lot of money upfront we recommend to start small and build from there each time you can afford another piece.


I feel the pros far outweigh the cons. I don’t feel any of the negative aspects are deal breakers. Having a garage gym let’s me be in total control of training experience. Although it does require more money up front and more responsibility I feel it’s worth it in the long run.

Keep checking back for a more in depth post on each of these topics.


Competition, Recovery and Rest

Competition, Recovery and Rest

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First off I just want to say thank you to Crossfit Black Ridge for giving me the opportunity to compete this past weekend and for putting it on for such a great cause. If any of you are reading this thank you, it was such a good experience being with everyone. The atmosphere was energetic and allowed me to really push myself.

Warming Up

The Workout:


In teams of two complete a 14 minute AMRAP of…

100 Wall Balls @20lb

80 Hang Power cleans

60 Calorie Row

40 Front Rack Forward Alternating Lunges

20 Thrusters




Deadlift Stand While Partner Rowed.

Max Effort Bar Facing Burpees With Remaining Time

Bar is set @ 115lb. For the row partners do 15 calories at a time, while partner
rows the other holds bar in top of deadlift


Second place overall. Five reps separated 1st from 3rd while three reps separated 1st from 2nd.

Podium For Places 1-3
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I find that competition is something that humans love to have, whether it’s who has the better car, most money, biggest muscles or just flat out physical ability. Competition can be a great self confidence booster (like it was for me this weekend taking second OH YEAH!) or a humbling experience as you learn the things you can improve on. That being said not all is roses and chocolate, there is ALWAYS room for improvement, I found that I need to work on my endurance more; so for now I have a new goal to push myself and reach for. However, there is nothing that says you can’t take time to enjoy your performance, just don’t let it go to your head too much.

Recovery and Rest:

Okay, now that all of that is out of the way let’s get down to the real meat of what I want to talk about. Why do we need rest? Well to answer that we need to first talk about what is happening to our muscles when we exercise.

Just like when you rip up that junk mail that just came today, later when you go workout you will be tearing up your muscle fibers! It’s okay I promise just take a deep breath you want this to happen. Deep in your muscles down at the cellular level you are making small tears. What is does is prompts your body to recover and prepare for the next time this will happen i.e. Making your muscles bigger! Now your body needs time to prepare for your next bout of exercise this is where rest comes in.

Soreness is a byproduct of exercise (happens because of). This is because as your muscles us energy and get torn they produce something called Lactic Acid. No, before you ask this will not dissolve your skin or make you turn into a puddle. Your body needs time to “push” this out of your cells. However, there are ways that you can help this process speed up.

Foam Rollers:

Onnit Foam Roller

Foams rollers are a great option to help when you have muscle soreness. Take a minute to roll around on one of these and it will help strengthen and stretch your muscle fibers ultimately helping your body rid of that Lactic Acid.

Hand Rollers and Therapy Balls:

Both hand rollers and therapy balls are a great option as well. You have a little more control over the amount of pressure

Hand Pin and Therapy Balls
and the exact location that you are massaging your body with these tools. They achieve the same goal as the foam rollers from above but are a little easier to sneak into work or the movies (don’t judge me you know you want to try it now) so you can get relief at any time. 

Rest days do not mean that you need to be completely sedentary (inactive or lazy) for a whole day and you should not do that. You need to be up and active at least a little bit. Take care of yourself, self care is something that everyone needs in their life. Take time to go to yoga (my personal favorite), go for a walk, stretch, play games, roll out muscles or any other light activity you can think of!

Remember that your body is trying to heal itself at this stage. Your

Supplement and Nuun Tablet
nutrition and hydration is critical at this point. Make sure you are getting your electrolytes in EVERYDAY whether that’s from supplementation, flavored water enhancers (Nuun tablets are awesome check them out here) or just from your food. 


An essential electrolyte found in most dark leafy greens and nuts (no peanuts aren’t a nut, trust me I wish they were I have an issue with peanut butter, don’t send help I don’t want it).


Your body is good at regulating sodium as long as you are active. DO NOT be afraid of salting your food your body will flush out any excess sodium and you’ll be fine!


Helps prevent muscle cramps and soreness what could be better?!? Potassium again is found in most dark leafy greens. Other great sources are bananas and avocados!

Always remember guys when it comes to rest days don’t be completely lazy get out and move. Roll out your muscles to help reduce your soreness. Get your electrolytes in and proper nutrition. Most importantly HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!!!

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Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet Potato Hash

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This is one of the most amazing and very simple meal prep or bulk breakfast recipes I have ever come up with…

One morning I stood in my kitchen with a grumble in my stomach and a craving for that

Bacon and onions in the heat!

sweet, sweet orange root vegetable. Reaching out for my trusty peeler; those sweet potatoes became nude as I revealed their suculant orange flesh. Next the door of the fridge got flung open, there sat an onion, with a swing and slice with my knife it was in pieces. Next my favorite breakfast food….. BACON!!! Cutting this precious meat into nice small chunks my mouth began to water. When all was cut and diced, the pan heated up and bam Sweet Potato Hash was born.

Coconut oil brings out the sweetness

Now that story time is over lets get into the actual recipe for this lovely dish. We love this recipe because…

  1. It’s easy
  2. It stores and meal preps well
  3. and finally… IT IS DELICIOUS!!!

This is best served with, yup you guessed it… The staple of any breakfast… Fried eggs!

All ingredients combined

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Bacon- 4 Slices

Yellow Onion- 1 Medium sized

Yams- 3 Medium sized

Coconut Oil- 2 Tbsp


  1. Dice the bacon cook in a large skillet over medium heat until 75% cooked.
  2. While the bacon cooks dice the onion and add to bacon once it has reached about 75% totally cooked.
  3. While bacon and onion cooks peel and dice the yams.
  4. When onion is fragrant add in the yams and coconut oil. Continue to cook on medium heat for 15-20 minutes or until desired texture is achieved.
  5. Serve with fried eggs!

    Pairs best with fried eggs!

Macro Break Down (without egg):

Recipe serves 5

Protein- 9.2g

Carbs- 40.7g

Fat- 9.3g


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